Partnering with Drive

Volunteers are welcome to teach and inspire our Drive students. Volunteering with Drive is an excellent chance to get involved in educating today’s youth in the following areas:


Financial Literacy

Digital Marketing


Web Design

App Design


Industry partners are working with Drive to strengthen technology education Establishing a partnership with Drive is a great opportunity to support North Carolina’s efforts to develop a youth technology pipeline, leading to post-secondary educational and occupational success. We value long-term relationships with our community partners, and we welcome your leadership. Drive provides meaningful and purposeful experiences for each of your employees who choose to gift their time, money, or resource as part of your community giving program.

For more information on how you can get involved please contact:

Ben Johnson | | (704) 759-6216

The Impact on our youth:

  1. Provides our students with meaningful mentoring from industry professionals.
  2. Inspire youth to achieve their best.
  3. Give students practical examples of technology at work.
  4. Support and encourage the next generation of technology creators.

The impact on your organization:

  1. Allows you a credible and reliable outlet for employee volunteer engagement
  2. Provides your organization with quality of corporate social responsibility
  3. Connects your organization with under served youth in your community
  4. Provides your employees with volunteer experience related to their own interests.
  5. Demonstrates clear industry investment to outside community stakeholders and donors.